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Click here for a free Flat Screen TV
How to Get Your Free Flat Screen TV:

Enter your zip code here to take advantage of this limited time offer. This is open to consumers interested in testing brand new Sony WEGA Flat Screen TVs. That's right, test and keep a flatscreen TV for FREE! 

This 52” Vizio 1080p LCD HDTV offers crystal clear images and a 16:9 widescreen resolution for a beautiful picture. Plus, it delivers great sound through SRS and WOW audio effects! Join the member incentive program and we'll ship you this TV right away!

Flatscreen TVs have come a long way since the mid 2000's when even high-end flatscreens were bulky, heavy sets that were hard to move and quite deep, causing them to sit quite a ways away from the wall they were placed in front of. Today's flatscreen technology allows thin panels that you can place against any wall almost like a painting - a painting that comes to life with the flick of your remote control. Remember the days when you had to get a friend to help you move a TV anywhere? Not anymore! Now most flatscreen TVs like this Vizio are super lightweight and come with an easy handle grip that allows you to pick it up and hang it yourself, or place it on a stand to set on any kind of TV table or set of drawers.

Old flatscreen TVs were literally flat, but they didn't allow wide viewing angles because the screen pixelation hadn't caught up to the flat technology. Todays flatscreens allow very wide viewing angles, so you can pack a crowd around a TV and everyone can still see the action without distortion. High definition comes pre-packaged so you're always ready to see every detail of a football game, every detail in the new Harry Potter movie, or every blade of grass on a long putt at the U.S. Open.

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