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Download FREE Zwinky avatars and express yourself online with unlimited, customizable avatars! Choose your own eyes, hair and skintone, then pick from 100's of cool wardrobe outfits and accessories. Create and share your Zwinky profile page with friends, or visit other profiles.

Plus, chat with friends on any webpage with your Zwinky. Communicate using moods and expressions, or embed your avatar into your blog, Tumblr, Facebook or website! Share your Zwinky with your friends, and be who you want to be. View your stats to see who's visiting your Zwinky profile.

Download this free avatar maker, launch your wardrobe, play games, leave Znotes for your friends, adopt your own virtual pet, turn yourself into a vampire for Halloween, and chat with other Zwinkys directly on top of ANY webpage online!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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Zwinky Avatars: 1. Create 2. Customize 3. Chat!

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All About Zwinky Avatars

What the heck is Zwinky?

Even though they sound like a long forgotten Teletubby, a Zwinky is a virtual avatar. Since they can be customized from head to toe, Zwinkys can represent yourself or any other person on the Internet, such as celebrities, political figures or pro athletes. Along with having the ability to fully customize an avatar, users can also use their creation to chat with friends on any web page or MySpace profile.

Developed by Mindspark, Zwinky avatars won't cost users a single penny! All you have to do is complete their registration and download their service and you will be creating a 3D online version of yourself in no time at all!

Why should I use their services?

Unlike other avatar programs, Zwinky is 100% free and includes no Spyware or Adware! That's right, no unnecessary software that will make your life bitter and force you to do things like throw your computer out the window! Along with being free of nuisances, registering and creating an avatar won't cost you anything. Their services are absolutely free of charge and don't hold you under any enduring contracts you don't quite understand.

Once users create their Zwinky avatar, they have the option of exploring all the features offered by the Internet service. Aside from using their avatar for web pages and their MySpace profile, users can also enter a virtual world where they can chat with friends, play games and shop for new clothes for their avatar.

Adding Zwinkys to a Webpage

Since users can add Zwinkys to web pages and MySpace profiles, it can get confusing when you actually try to encode the avatars. Each website is structured in a certain way, so you have to take different steps to actually add an avatar.

To make sure that you don't slam your head against your keyboard or threaten your laptop with a hammer, here are some easy-to-follow steps to help you use your avatars in no time!

How to add a Zwinky to a web page, blog or social network profile page:

  1. After creating your avatar in your "wardrobe", click the "Save Outfit" button.
  2. Then click on the "Add to your Web Page" link and the HTML you will need to add to your profile or blog will appear.
  3. Click the "Copy Code" button that appears beneath the embedding HTML code.

Now simply paste the HTML code in the appropriate area on your web page, blog or profile page:

  •  MySpace - click your "Edit Profile" link and paste the code into one of the text fields (e.g. "About Me" section). Once that's done, click the "Save All Changes" button at the bottom of the page.
  •  Blogger - Click the link to create a new post and then click the "Edit HTML" or "HTML" button before pasting the code into the text entry area and publishing the blog entry.
  •  Hi5 - Click the "Edit My Profile" link at the bottom of the photo box, then click the "Personalize" tab. Paste the code into the text entry field marked "Style" and then click the "Save Profile" button at the bottom of the page.

Note: You can only embed one Zwinky image into your web page.

Installing Zwinky on Your Computer

It's a fact everyone knows about: program installations suck. If you're a normal computer user, then the chances are you love nothing more than a simple, easy-to-use setup. People hate installations that use technical jargon and take forever to finish, so you'll be glad to know that Zwinky is a service that's extremely easy to install!

In order to get the installation running, users will first visit Zwinky's website. Once there, all you have to do is click on the download button. From there, you will be taken to an install page on your internet browser and a window will pop up with your download.

After you save and download the file to your computer, simply click on the Zwinky icon and a window will pop up asking you to if you want to install the program. Once you click to install, the setup will take about ten seconds and will install Zwinky to your main internet browser. To view Zwinky and all of its features, you will have to restart your internet browser before you see the brand new toolbar.

Once done, users can click on the Zwinky icon and start creating an avatar that looks exactly like them or one of their favorite celebrities!

Advantages of Using Zwinky

Believe it or not, avatars have become extremely popular over the past few years. Previously they were just a way to create a cartoon version of yourself, but now they've become a way to chat with others on the Internet.

Aside from Zwinky, there are many other sites that use cartoon avatars. One particular website is IMVU. Despite sounding like a weird animal, IMVU uses 3D avatars and allows users to chat in a virtual realm. The only negative aspect about this service is who (among the ages of 13-19) would put aside time to make an avatar of themselves and use it to talk to friends in a virtual world? Instead of making chatting with your friends downright weird, Zwinky keeps things simple and lets you create an avatar you can use anywhere.

When users click on the Zwinky icon on their internet browser, they're taken straight to the start: creating your avatar. Once there, users have numerous options available to them to help them create a cartoon version of themselves. Some of the options include: skin color, faces, hair, clothes and shoes. Once their avatar is created, users can then explore the service's website and chat with friends, play games, and earn points to buy new clothing for their personal avatar!

Even though it's similar to other services, Zwinky is extremely easy to use and isn't complicated like other websites out there. The steps to creating your avatar are fairly simple and if you just want to use it for your web page, email, IM, Hi5, Blogger or MySpace profile, you have the opportunity to do so. All it takes is a little of your time to register for an account and you are on your way to creating an avatar of your choice!

Why Guys Would Use Zwinky

  • It can be extremely entertaining while creating an avatar under the influence.
  • To show that they still look like a pimp even as a cartoon.
  • To hit on girls - because nothing's cooler than flirting with someone online.
  • Because they think it's gay, but they're curious to try it out anyway.
  • Their girlfriend made them do it.

Why Girls Would Use Zwinky

  • It can be extremely entertaining while creating an avatar under the influence.
  • To show that they still look like a pimp even as a cartoon.
  • To hit on girls - because nothing's cooler than flirting with someone online.
  • Because they think it's gay, but they're curious to try it out anyway.
  • Their girlfriend made them do it.

General Zwinky FAQ

What is Zwinky?

Zwinkies are customizable social avatars that internet users can use to represent themselves in a networking site or blog that supports the service.

How do I use Zwinky?

Since the internet service is extremely simple to use, all you have to do is visit the Zwinky website and download the program. Once installed, just click the Zwinky button located on your browser's toolbar and start creating your very own Zwinky avatar you can use for networking!

Does Zwinky cost anything?

Even though it has a large collection of features to help you create an avatar that looks like you, Zwinky is 100% FREE! The internet service is free to download and use through networking websites like MySpace, Blogger, Hi5, plus email and IM programs.

Why should I use Zwinky?

Unlike most internet services, Zwinky includes NO SPYWARE OR ADWARE and has many unique features to help you create a social avatar you can use on websites like MySpace, Blogger, Hi5 and other web pages.

What are some of the different types of smilies that are available?

Smiley Central offers thousands of emoticons in many different categories, such as adventure, animated, animals, beach, cute, food, holidays, humor, love, military, school, sports, slang and work.

What websites are compatible with Zwinky?

Unlike other avatars, Zwinkies can easily be used in websites such as:

  • MySpace
  • Blogger
  • Hi5
  • Web pages
  • Email
  • IM

Where can I download Zwinky?

To download Zwinky, simply click here and then use the download button. Once the service is installed, you will have access to many different features you can use to create and customize your personal avatar.

If I change the appearance of my Zwinky, do I have to reinstall them?

Unlike other avatar websites, when you change the appearance of your Zwinky, they are automatically updated on each site they are currently used with.

How do I add a pet to my Zwinky?

Exclusive to Zwinky, you can now give your personal avatar its very own pet! To do so, log into your Zwinky account and click on the "Open Wardrobe" button at the bottom of your window. Once the window pops up, click on the "Classic Wardrobe" tab and then the "Appearance" tab and then click the drawer named "Pets". Now you can choose the pet of your choice and give your Zwinky its very own animal pal by clicking the "Save Outfit" button.

How do I make friends with another Zwinky?

To make friends with another avatar, users can simply go to that Zwinky's profile page and scroll down to the "Contact Me" box at the bottom and click on "Add As Friend". If you want to make friends with a Zwinky you're chatting with, simply right-click on the avatar's name in the chat screen and select "Add As Friend" in the drop-down menu.


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