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Download 10,000+ FREE smileys, emoticons, and animations and express yourself! Get a different smiley for all your moods and use them in your email, blogs, IM or wherever you want. It's all 100% free.

Plus, new free smileys are always being added, so you'll never run out of ways to amuse your friends! Choose from moods, love, 3D, sports, fun, girly, secret, animated, adult, sex, dirty, talking, funny, and naughty smilies and smiley faces.

Smiley Central & Motitags works from your browser, email and IM! Typical programs include Gmail, AOL Mail, Outlook Live, Yahoo Mail, and Yahoo Messenger. Now works with Tumblr, Wordpress, and Blogger too!

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Quick Info on Smiley Central

SmileyCentral is part of a package of Internet Explorer add-ons from Mindspark Interactive, including Cursor Mania, Webfetti, and Weatherblink. It allows easy access to tons of custom free smileys, all of which can be inserted into outgoing emails or instant message conversations. Smiley Central software is approved by all leading web-safety companies to contain no spyware or adware.

All About Smiley Central

What is Smiley Central?

Developed by Mindspark Interactive, Smiley Central is an internet application that allows web users to add fun “smileys” or emoticons to a variety of popular messaging services, like MSN Messenger and Hotmail. Instead of using the plain and boring smileys other internet services offer, users are open to a vast collection of animations that are bigger, better and a whole lot cooler. Not only are they designed to look visually stunning, but the smileys are also divided into numerous categories that appeal to all internet users.

When the service first started, their disturbing advertisements were more annoying than a nagging girlfriend (or boyfriend in some cases). One click onto a website with a Smiley Central advertisement and you were instantly subjected to a giant smiley face's aggravating voice. But with less advertisements and a new focus that revolves around content, Smiley Central has become a great messaging tool people of all ages can use.

Why should I use their services?

Unlike most internet services, Smiley Central contains NO SPYWARE OR ADWARE. That's right, no computer-hacking software that will make your life bitter and force you to make irrational decisions involving your computer and an open window! Along with being free of inconveniences, Smiley Central won't cost you a nickel! Their services are absolutely free of charge and don't hold you under any enduring contracts you don't quite understand.

With a large collection of free smilies, Smiley Central is a helpful tool to add more style or emotion to your messaging services. Most instant messaging programs don't have an extensive list of unique animations that let you inform others of how you're feeling. To help your lack of choice, Smiley Central has many different categories to choose from!

So to help you out when you're tired of using sarcasm in your words, the thousands of emoticons can easily be used with the following programs/services:

  - Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, and ICQ.
  - Outlook, Outlook Express, AOL Mail 9.0, MSN ISP Email and IncrediMail.
  - MSN/Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and most other HTML-based email services.

One key feature that makes Smiley Central stand out from other similar services and programs is being able to make your very own custom smiley. Other web services don't offer customization as most of their work is produced by their staff and the common internet user. By clicking the “Custom Smileys” link in the Smiley Central application window, everyday users can add their very own text (150 characters maximum) to the emoticon of their choice through a thought bubble or a sign. Such customization doesn't seem like a lot, but being able to add text to your very own smiley can personalize it the way you want! Once done creating a custom character, internet users can save up to ten custom smilies and use them whenever they want through Smiley Central.

Adding Smileys to Your Messages

Since Smiley Central is compatible with most instant messaging and email services, it can get confusing when you actually try to use smilies. Each program is structured a certain way, so you have to take different steps to actually add an emoticon to your message. To make sure you don't slam your head against your keyboard or threaten your laptop with a hammer, here are some easy-to-follow steps to help you add smileys to your messages.

Adding a Smiley to an Instant Message

To add a smiley to an instant message, just simply click the Smiley Central button located in the top-right corner of your instant messaging program's window (doesn't matter if it's AIM, AOL, MSN Messenger or ICQ). Then choose the smiley you would like to use from the dropdown menu. After clicking on the smiley you want to use, users will see a line of text like the following in their compose box:

@[smiley: Hi Ya : [15/15_1_70]]

It may look like a bunch of random characters, but this code tells your instant messaging program to display the smiley you chose. Once you click "Send", the code will instantly convert to the smiley icon and appear in your messaging window. (NOTE: The only way your friend can see the smiley you have chosen is if they have Smiley Central installed on their computer.)

Adding a Smiley to an Email Service

Although the process is different from instant messaging services, it's just as easy to use a Smiley Central emoticon in an email.

To do so, simply do the following:

  1.  Open a "Compose Message" / "New Mail" screen.
  2. Click the Smiley Central button on your navigation bar (near your font icons).
  3. Select a category and click on the emoticon you would like to use. Once done, the smiley will instantly appear in your email message.

To add a smiley to an MSN ISP email message, users will have to:

  1.  Open a "Compose Message" screen.
  2. Click the Smiley Central button on your MSN web browser's My Web Search toolbar.
  3. Select a category and click on the emoticon you would like to use. Once done, the smiley will be added to the email message.

And to add smilies to an outgoing HTML-based webmail, users will have to do the following:

  1.  Open a "Compose Message" screen in your web-based email account.
  2. Click the Smiley Central button your web browser's toolbar.
  3. Select a category and click on the desired emoticon of your choice and it will be added to your email message.

Installing Smiley Central On Your Computer

Let's face it, program installations suck. If you're a normal computer user (or an internet caveman, e.g. most people over the age of 60), then the chances are you love nothing more than a simple, easy-as-pie program setup. People hate installations that use technical jargon and take two days to complete, which is why Smiley Central is extremely easy to use.

In order to get the installation running, users should first visit Smiley Central's website. Once there, all you have to do is click on the "Get Free Smileys" arrow right next to the giant, pointing smiley. From there, you will be taken to an install page on your internet browser and a window will pop up with your download.

After you save and download the file to your computer, simply click on the Smiley Central icon and a window will pop up asking you to if you want to install the program. Once you click to install, the setup will take about ten seconds and will install Smiley Central to your main internet browser. To view Smiley Central and all of its features, you will have to restart your internet browser before you see the brand new toolbar.

From there, users can click on the Smiley Central icon and access thousands of emoticons that are categorized in different sections such as "Talking Smileys", "Love", "Entertainment" and "Sports".

Advantages to Using Smiley Central

Emoticons may be small in size, but they've become a vital part of instant messaging for college students these days.

Since programs like MSN Messenger don't allow individuals to express themselves in different tones (hey, flirting exists!), it can be hard to determine what someone is trying to say. At one instance, a guy could be making a joke about his girlfriend's appearance and she could deliberately take it the wrong way. In steps emoticons.

Programs like MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger already come with a collection of smiley faces to help their users communicate in an entertaining way. However, their variety of smilies only go so far. Some of the emoticons barely show any emotion and look a bit plain as far as design goes. There are several MSN websites that offer free emoticons for MSN Messenger, but again, the collections aren't very large. The majority of smilies that are offered are custom-made designs created by internet users and are either completely irrelevant (who the hell cares about flags?) or look like they were drawn by a two-year-old.

Another disadvantage to using MSN smileys and AIM smileys is the fact they aren't entirely legit. Most of the websites that offer MSN smileys and AIM smileys are unofficial sites which use content from everyday internet users. So instead of getting high-quality smiley icons, you're getting imitations and amateur products that won't impress anyone you talk to on MSN or any other instant messaging program.

Instead of having poorly drawn smiley faces, Smiley Central uses extremely detailed animations to help you get your point across. Need to tell your loved one that you miss them and wish you could spend the night in their bed? Trying to flirt with someone (on MSN? c'mon now) but don't want to seem like a total creep by saying a cheesy pickup line? Can't really explain how drunk you got last night? No problem, Smiley Central has thousands of emoticons that are listed under categories such as "Smoochy", "Pickup Lines", "Gambling", "Bouncy" and "Sad".

Now smiley faces may seem like useless things to some people, but when you think about it, everyone uses them. They can be found in text messages, MSN conversations, emails and even forum posts! So why not take advantage of them while you can? At least it will make you feel kind of cool on the Internet!

Why Smiley Central Doesn't Suck

  • It's free.
  • It beats watching poker on television.
  • The installation is less annoying than your girlfriend during their time of the month.
  • It makes MSN Messenger smilies look like crap.
  • With the right words, custom smileys can be extremely entertaining.
  • Old people seem to love them more than they love their grandchildren.
  • The smileys can take your level of "cool" to the next level.
  • Finding smilies you like is a great way to stay the hell off Facebook.
  • Some of the emoticons they have can make sure you sound sarcastic when you want to.
  • It beats the time when you're bored during a school lecture.
  • Their smilies are less stupid than the usual semi-colon and bracket imitations :P
  • You now have the option to make the dirtiest and sleaziest smilies out there.
  • You don't have to use the same emoticon for every single thing you say.
  • It makes emailing your friends fun again.
  • We all know that they actually look cool.
  • Points in Case loves them!
  • The smilies can be a great way to describe how plastered you got last night.
  • Their emoticons are better than words.
  • Did we forget to mention, it's FREE!

Smiley Central FAQ

What is Smiley Central?

Smiley Central is an internet application that allows web users to add fun smileys or emoticons to a variety of popular services like email, IM (instant messaging), and your web browser.

How do I use Smiley Central?

Since the service is extremely easy to use, all you have to do is download the program. Once installed, just click the Smiley Central button located on your browser's toolbar and explore the thousands of smiley icons and free downloads that are available!

Does Smiley Central cost anything?

Despite the vast collection of smiley icons, Smiley Central is absolutely FREE! The internet service is free to download and use through your internet browser.

Why should I use Smiley Central?

Unlike most internet services, Smiley Central includes NO SPYWARE OR ADWARE, requires no registration and has a large collection of emoticons you can't find on MSN smiley or AIM smiley sites!

What are some of the different types of smilies that are available?

Smiley Central offers thousands of emoticons in many different categories, such as: adventure, animated, animals, beach, cute, food, holidays, humor, love, military, school, sports, slang and work.

What programs are compatible with Smiley Central?

Unlike MSN Smileys and AIM Smileys, the smiley faces available through Smiley Central are compatible with many different email and IM programs. Typical programs include Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, ICQ, Outlook, Outlook Express, AOL Mail 9.0, MSN ISP Email, IncrediMail, MSN/Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and HTML-based email services, but check current program compatibility for specifics, as these are not all guaranteed.

Where can I download Smiley Central?

You can download Smiley Central right here. Then click on the "Get Free Smileys" button. Once the service is installed, you will have access to thousands of emoticons!

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